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Kalama O Kauaʻi: The Songs of Nathan Kalama, Volume One (CD)

Kalama O Kauaʻi: The Songs of Nathan Kalama, Volume One pays tribute to the amazing songwriting skills of Kumu Hula Nathan Kalama, founder of The Mālie Foundation. The collection features the talents of multi Nā Hōkū Hanohano award winning artists Hōkū Zuttermeister, Mark Yamanaka, Kūpaoa, and Poʻokela Wood with additional musical contributions by Les Ceballos and Justin Firmeza. All songs were composed by Nathan Kalama with the exception of I Wili ʻIa Kou Lei, which was written for Uncle Nathan by Kumu Hula (and now Executive Director of The Mālie Foundation), Maka Herrod. 


The album comes complete with a full set of liner notes which include lyrics and translations for each song as well as a synopsyis about the inspiration behind each composition.


Uncle Nathan was a true beacon for Kauaʻi, shining the light on the beauty of Hawaiian language and culture for all to enjoy. This album is our way of honoring his legacy. All proceeds from the album are used to support the programming and events organized by The Mālie Foundation.



  1. Aloha ʻĀina ʻO Kauaʻi Nei - featuring Kūpaoa
  2. E Kuʻu Lei Hulu Manu ʻUlaʻula - featuring Hōkū Zuttermeister
  3. Ka Pua Hala Hīnano - featuring Mark Yamanaka
  4. Gingers In The Water - featuring Kūpaoa
  5. Wili ʻIa Kou Lei - featuring Poʻokela Wood
  6. Nā Wāhine Mālie O Ke Kai - featuring Kūpaoa
  7. Hāʻena Beauty - featuring Hōkū Zuttermeister
  8. Kekaha Nani Ē - featuring Mark Yamanaka
  9. Kalamaolaimaluhialani - featuring Kūpaoa
  10. My Honohono Orchid - featuring Kūpaoa
  11. Haleʻiwa Kuʻu Home Nani - featuring Poʻokela Wood
  12. Kāhea O Kauaʻi - featuring Kūpaoa

Kalama O Kauaʻi: The Songs of Nathan Kalama, Volume One (CD)

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